Friday, 1 February 2013

Club Rules

The club exists for the satisfaction that comes from partaking in new adventures with friends.

1. General Conduct

      a.      Members should seek out and partake new adventures with other club members and friends as often as time, money and physical condition allow.
b.    At each refreshment stage all participating riders will add money to the kitty to fund the 'Apr├Ęs' refreshments.
c.    A ‘Kittymeister’ will be appointed to safeguard and deploy the kitty. By default the responsibility falls to the youngest member of the club. Members should be prepared to respond to requests for “top up” promptly. Being unable to consume their “fair share” does not qualify a member for an exemption or reduced contribution.
d.     Always obey the rules.  Any infringement of the club rules will result in a fine, which will be the cost of the next round of refreshments (hereafter called the ‘round of drinks penalty’) at an establishment of the miscreant’s choice. Minor misdemeanours such as improper use of names, scruffy bike, improper dress, and pushing the bike, etc., will incur a £2 fine to be paid into the kitty.  The ‘Kittymeister’ will track fines and collect them at club meets.
e.     The GRAC will adopt a Corinthian spirit, i.e. all members should act with an especially high standard of sportsmanship and fair play.
f.     Competitive spirit is good and members will be recognised for achievements such as fastest, highest, longest; but we are a social club, and members’ primary responsibility is to ensure fellow members enjoy the experience as well and return safely to the bar.
g.     Club kit is for members of the club. Wear it with pride.
h.      Members will be assigned tour names. These should, whenever possible, be used in on tour and in intra-club correspondence concerning each tour.    
i.     Do not suffer kit confusion. Always wear the latest branded technical kit when adventuring.  (i.e. No baggy shorts or jerseys while road riding, these are only applicable to MTB).  Researching and selecting the right kit is part of the Adventure.
j.      No full beards, no moustaches. Goatees are permitted, as they are cool, and a little stubble for the same reason, as long as it is not GREY.
k.      In the unlikely event of excessive alcohol consumption, no mention of the after effects should be uttered the following morning (tough it out!).
l.     No complaints or expletives should be uttered to the appointed navigator of the day should an error be made. However, if the error causes the team to be delayed significantly from reaching the bar, it is at the discretion of the team to levy a ‘round of drinks’ penalty.

2.     Road Cycling

a.     At all times while cycling members must remember that they are Ambassadors of our club, and, as such, it is mandatory to always be dressed in correct cycling attire and have a clean and presentable bike.
b.     Always perform regular pre-ride bike maintenance, nut and bolt check, tyre pressure levels, tyre wear and damage inspection, brake and gear adjustment.
c.     Quick release levers are to be positioned carefully and correctly. The front quick release should be upward just aft of the fork. The rear quick release should be between the angle of the seat and chain stay or upwards on the seat stay.
d.     Handlebars should be level with the ground and lower than the saddle. The only exception to this is if you think you know better and in that case you should be prepared to break the ‘World Hour Record’.
e.    Each day, pull back the curtain to check the weather and, upon seeing rain falling from the skies, allow a wry smile to spread across your face.
f.      The ride starts on time, no exceptions.

3.     On the Bike

a.     Stop at red lights and generally obey the Highway Code.
b.     Courtesy to other road users is imperative, and we should acknowledge any good behaviour and courtesy shown to us with a friendly wave.
c.     Always wear a safety helmet when cycling.
d.     Always carry spare inner tube(s), tyre levers, pump, money, drink and mobile phone.
e.     If riding in the dark, sufficient lights, including at least one front facing and one flashing at the rear, should be fitted, and reflective clothing should be worn.
f.      Contrary to popular belief riding in two's is not against the law but there are some caveats. On narrow lanes and when cars are behind a signal call such as 'Car' or 'Single Out' so as to enable the vehicle to overtake safely should be adopted.
g.     Earn your turn. It is normal to share workload at the front of the group - changes should happen at least every 10-20 minutes depending on the intensity of the cycling.
h.     Stay together. After junctions, hills and intersections it is important to reform into the cycling group. Do not abandon riders with a mechanical problem or riders who are in difficulty.
i.      Bicycles are made to be ridden and cycle shoes to be used for this task. At no time can a cyclist walk up a steep incline except due to injury or a mechanical problem.
j.      Communicate. When at the front always warn following riders of any potential hazards, such as potholes, debris on the road and approaching vehicles. This should be done both physically by pointing and verbally by calling a warning.
k.     No man bags, fanny pouches or camel backs. Except on MTB.
l.      No visors on the road.
m.   Never ride without eyewear except in certain conditions i.e. fog, bad light or overheating/fogging.
n.     Repair your own punctures. You will do so using your own expertise, your own equipment, quickly and without complaint. A rider who fails to complete this simple task due to incomplete equipment or stupidity will fall foul of his comrade’s abuse and the rules of the club, and will face the resulting consequences.
o.     It never gets easier - you just get faster, so harden up!
p.     If you are flatulent, release of pressure is only permitted when you are at the rear of the peloton.

4.     Off the Bike

a.     Cycling kit is for cycling. Post cycle fluid replacement – unless retiring to a sunny outdoor beer garden – should be done after a shower and change from tight fitting Lycra. If a member does stray into an establishment in cycle gear he may receive a good shoeing from the locals and quite frankly deserves it.
b.     When in club attire and enjoying a coffee before a ride or during an agreed break, it is only appropriate to drink real coffee, especially espresso. If the words skinny, latte, mocha, skimmed, soy and the like are uttered it will be deemed to be a violation of the club rules and penalties will be forthcoming. The above list of offensive girly coffees is not exhaustive.
c.     Post ride, beer is the only permitted beverage.
d.     In all club photos bikes should be made photogenic. Valve stems at 6 o’clock. Cranks should never be positioned at 90 or 180 degrees. No bottles in their cages, or untidy bags, etc.

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