Monday, 13 July 2015

Way of the Roses - July 2015

A record turn out for the Way of the Roses, a popular route from Morecambe to Bridlington, coast-to-coast across northern England. With eleven riders, including the strong guest cyclist 'The Baron,' this was the biggest gathering of the Club to date. 
The weather was kind, the wind on our backs over two hard days of cycling, but the hills weren't. Day One was a good test, the hill out of Settle and the climb up to the Stump Cross Caverns being particularly popular, and we all appreciated the little hills after passing through Pateley Bridge.
Fastest known descent for the day was awarded to Alansandro who achieved an alarming 80.7kph (source: MapMyRide) during the day. Or he grabbed on to a passing car... 
Stats for the day (from the President's Garmin): distance -126.3km, moving time 5hr 39min, average 22.3kph. Ascent 1724m according to MapMyRide, 1137m according to Strava, 2214m then corrected to 1703m according to Garmin. Hmmm. 
Calories burnt - about 3,000 kCal. 
Overnight stop at Ulrichard Manor in Knaresborough, where the local pub afforded swift rehydration, followed by a superb meal prepared by Mrs Ulrichard, ably assisted by Mrs Merckx and Mrs Sastrae, which replenished us all in fine style.

Our overnight stop, at Mrs Merckx's favourite holiday destination, sunny Morecambe
The Presidential Suite
Pre-ride hydration at The Palatine in Morecambe
Carlos, Miguel and Jacques looking very confident before the ride
Guest rider, 'The Baron,' with Carlos, Isla and Mrs Sastrae, and some good looking bloke in white
Ready for the off, leaving Morecambe for an overnight rehydration session in Knaresborough
Club men all looking very pleased with themselves at the top of the climb out of Settle - a piece of cake lads, right?
A rare shot of our President
...and twenty minutes later, the rest of the team arrived ;-)
There is no flat country in this County!
Best bit of the day. Sod the riding. This is the important part. At the Half Moon in Knaresborough :-)

Day two dawned rather damp and cloudy, but a strong wind from the west soon got rid of that, and those had not applied sun cream lived to regret it later. Miguel distinguished himself on a number of occasions today, riding his bike into new territory soon after we left Knaresborough in an attempt to refine the route, then impressing us all with his skill in riding a bike where the back wheel was in constant danger of falling off.
We had a fabulous tea stop at Chateau Johntador in Sheriff Hutton - thank you Mrs Johntador for a wonderful spread!
We particularly enjoyed an exploratory diversion along the Wolds Way - riding uphill, back into the wind, just before Huggate, and at a point where we still had fresh legs after 100km. But we most enjoyed seeing the WAGs ready to greet us as we powered along the promenade of the North Beach at Bridlington. 
Congratulations to all concerned, and grateful thanks to Jan for organising this fine weekend.
Final day's stats: distance 153.6km, moving time 6hr 39min, average speed 23.1kph. Total ascent 776m (Garmin), 849m (MapMy Ride), 1137m (Garmin)...take your pick...
Calories burnt - about 2,600 kCal. 

The exit ramp out of Millington Dale, Joaquin leading the bunch
Miguel and Stewie working hard
Alberto and Jan enjoying yet another hill climb
The President sprinting past Heyddie. Is that an evil grin or just gasping for air?
Alansandro slaughters brother Stewie in the final sprint stage. He'd get the Green Jersey if only we had one...
Happy, relieved faces crossing the finishing line in Bridlington. Note the seagull aiming for Heyddie (he missed)
Oh, not another shot of the Prez! This time trying to take out the WAG paparazzi
'Rider of the Weekend' Award goes to Miguel
Having endured 280km of pure suffering with such grim determination, it was awarded by Team Captain Heyddie in recognition of Miguel riding a road bike for the first time and completing this long and challenging route on it.
Miguel also wins minor awards for the most calories consumed per hour and for selflessly searching out new variations on the route for generations of future riders.
Smiles were only possible after massive infusions of paracetamol and Ibuprofen....well done all!
Now, where's that Sudocrem?

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