Sunday, 29 May 2016

Academy Captain on the Struggle

It is rare for this blog to feature individual efforts, Heyddie and the climb of a small volcano in Hawaii being a notable exception. But, another feat of superhuman endurance needs to be recognised. And so it is that Carlos, our esteemed and enthusiastic Academy Captain, has been granted his own special edition entry.
This is for his continued patronage of the Club HQ, the famed Golden Rule pub in Ambleside, and for the first ascent by a Club member of 'The Struggle,' a gnarly and precipitous climb out of Ambleside straight up to the Kirkstone Pass.
Although we await the stats from Strava in order to critique his times and energy output, here we publish exciting pictures of this meritorious act. 
We will, of course, seek verification that he did actually stay on the bike during the climb, and that no mechanical doping was involved.
Until then, Chapeau Carlos!

About half way up 'The Struggle'....clearly at least one stop for our man ;-)
View back to Ambleside from the top of 'The Struggle'

Carlos carrying his bike to the summit?
The red face says it all...

Carlos following Club rules to the letter. Rehydration with beer only, no nambie pambie mineral water or Skinny Cappuccino. Setting a good example to our Junior Team indeed. And a good, healthy pork pie with lashings of Colman's. Happy days :-)

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