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Mallorca, August 2017 – Jan, Alansandro and Carlos looking very pleased with themselves after another ascent of Sa Colabra. We still wait Strava updates to see how really slow/fast they really were ;-)

Georgia Cipponeili showing keen interest in the 2017 Tour de France.
Start 'em young Mario!

Jan and Alberto looking very pleased with themselves after the first Sportive of the season, 101 km on the Tadcaster Sportive, April 2017. Chapeau chaps!

Training for the GRAC Junior Tour...the next generation!
Mario makes the ultimate sacrifice, marrying his beautiful lady on 23 May.
Congratulations both :-)
The Club President in high altitude training once again. This time walking the 'kora' around 
Mount Kailas in Tibet, here at around 5200m. 

Jan, our Club Secretary, enjoying a day out with Mrs Ulrichard on the occasion of his 60th Birthday.
The gift, from family and Club members, is a watercolour of the 2014 Tour de France Yorkshire stage.

And we have a new recruit to the team, born Easter 2015. Welcome Judy Kathleen Dandurain! The picture is a little out of focus, her father Miquel still shaking from the cost of the upgraded bike he commissioned with Club Secretary Jan's input.
A rather shaky start to the season by Stewie, the complex navigation required to exit Sheriff Hutton just too demanding...
March 2015, Miguel acquires new steed with technical input from The Club Secretary. God help his bank balance ;-)
The senior team assembled ready for an autumnal ride into the Vale of Belvoir, November 2014

Isla Annabelle Sastrae, the newest addition to our Club

Mrs. Sastrae, with 'Bump', paying a final homage to the Club HQ before delivering the next generation of the Golden Rule Adventure Club

Our captain Heyddie, pretending he's just been cycling in California, September 2014. Yeh, right...
Some info on the Team HQ
Club Secretary Jan and President, Fabian, quaffing Hartley's XB at the Golden Rule
And, Stewie and Guest Member, Anna Colincellara practising advanced rehydration techniques
Carlos, Great North Run 2014. Time 1 hour 49 minutes. He would have been slower on his bike...
Carlos, with running companions, and milk chocolate medals
President Fabian and Club Secretary Jan crossing the Arctic Circle on the Davis Strait en route to Greenland from northern Canada. It's not champagne in the glasses of course, it's Nuun electrolyte to ensure these athletes keep in proper condition.

Mario's WAG likes to spoil him. Here's an example on his 30th Birthday. It won't last... ;-)

Stewie in NZ's Southern Alps, toughening himself up for a few winter climbs when he gets back to Blighty

Stewie checking out the Re : Start Container terminal in Christchurch, NZ, trying to find his bike...
More high altitude training for the President. Stromboli at almost 900m.
Club President, Fabian, undertaking yoga and meditation training to alleviate him from his mortal fear of descending steep hills - Rishikesh, India       #goingnative

February 2014: Alberto and Jan about to embark on an MTB ride in the Blue Mountains, Australia. Two things are of note.
1. Absence of official club wooly hat - fine to be levied. 2. The MTB ride totalled 18km. Nothing more needs to be said...

Jan and Alberto, once again without the official club wooly hat, about to embark on a single track MTB ride from Manly near Sydney, Australia. This time the team excelled themselves with an impressive 19 km, although spies tell me that Alberto very sensibly walked most of it ;-)

Full turn out by the senior team, 9 November 2013. A good ride through Castle Howard and across the Howardian Hills from Sheriff Hutton, near York. Cold, very muddy roads, but splendid autumnal riding.

Club Secretary Jan taking a rest from Yorkshire hill bashing. Agra, northern India.

Our President in the remote Trans-Himalayan region of Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, sneakily training at altitude. 
Training ground for our Yorkshire members, Jan and Stewie: Holme Moss

Team Captain, Heyddie, training hard in Texas
Our President, Fabian, in the Julian Alps, Slovenia

Finance & Logistics Director Alberto in Provence,  May 2013. Alberto is demonstrating how to get a big fine under the Club Rules. No team shirt or hat, and a very girly bike bag. 

Stewie representing the Club in Saudi Arabia, April 2013

Our President practicing hill climbs in Turkey, April 2013

Alberto's debut on the bike! 17km in very cold weather, a good first effort! 

New team hat, in readiness for the English 'summer' -
Alberto and Jan near Middlesmoor in Nidderdale walking with the WAGs (buried in snow drift)
Team Colours, modelled by Jan and Alansandro
Early days for the Club, November 2012
L to R: Fabian, Alansandro, Stewie, Jan, Heyddie

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