Sunday, 19 April 2015

Peterborough 100 - April 2015

An excellent first outing of the season. In a rare exception to the Club Blogmeister's rules, here is a description of the weekend from Jan, on the eve of his 60th Birthday:

"The Club fielded a six man squad for the Peterborough 100 today. Thanks to Fabian for organising the warm up yesterday and to him and his better half for the fantastic hospitality. 
After the normal balanced pre race nutritional 5 pints and a curry (no red wine though as the President doesn't drink it) the team were in fine form. The weather was dry but cold which encouraged us to keep the effort level up.  Some very slick rolling pelotons and sharing the wind breaking made the kms fly by. 
[The new shirt - Ed] ...spurred me on to show it was inappropriate and as the rest of the peloton fell off the pace and were left like discarded gel wrappers over the final kms as I delivered our team sprinter Stewie to within sight of the line. Having saved himself on the hills (well that was his excuse for being last up) he had the power left to explode to the line to the cheers of the crowd. Perhaps I should have chosen Mark Ric-shaw as my club name (maybe not). 
A great start to the season, I look forward to cycling with you during the summer club events."

Ride stats:, time on the move 4 hours 24 mins, total climbed 1081m. Average speed 23.6kph.
Average temperature into a cold northerly wind, 8 degrees. 
Mistake of the day - not wearing long bibs! Brhhhh!

An appropriate cycle jersey for Club Secretary Jan, after a very indulgent winter with his missus... 
HAPPY 60th JAN :-)

A cold start from the Marriott just outside Peterborough, the chaps looking remarkably fresh after a few beers the night before
Stewie, Alanssandro and Jan looking very sprightly at the finish line, 104km under their belt
The full team on the day, new member Joaquin Robriguez far right

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