Monday, 2 May 2016

Tour de Yorkshire Sportive - May 2016

It is significant that the principal pictures taken on this adventure were those related to carbo loading before the event and rehydration after it.

A good turn out from the Club - Jan, Carlos, Joaquin, Stewie, Mario, Alansandro and Fabian all riding, sumptuously hosted by Mr and Mrs Johntador in Sheriff Hutton. Apologies for absence were accepted, amidst hoots of derision, from Heyddie, who had engaged in a Tough Mudder event just to avoid climbing a few small Yorkshire hills. We await photographic proof of this folly.

The day before the main event, we had a quick canter around the lanes north of York, a modest 35km leg-stretch before sampling some local Yorkshire ale and enjoying a fine dinner at Chateau Johntador. The volume of red wine consumed was an impressive effort by all concerned, further reserves called up when some splendid cheese carefully selected by Mrs Ulrichard was presented ahead of some wonderful bread & butter pudding.

An early start the following morning was a pleasure for all, especially Stewie, and we made our way to the Open Air Theatre in Scarborough for the start, finally getting away at about 0720. A cold wind propelled us northwards, with some early tests on hills which split our little team into two groups just after the first feed station near Staindale Lake on Dalby Forest Drive. We enjoyed customary Tour de Yorkshire hospitality here...cold potatoes dipped in salt being especially welcome...
Following the excessive consumption of potatoes, some members of the squad found subsequent hills rather trying, so the group again split into two, with one breakaway rider deciding he needed to move even faster just to keep warm. You start to feel the cold more with age some say...
The only action pictures from the day came from the organisers, who compared all the rider's efforts on the Harwood Dale Climb (1.3km, average gradient 7.4%) with professional David Millar's time (Ed: Modesty precludes publication of individual times).



The Pratt clan generously helped Mario after bonking just before the second feed stop. This was in a particularly impressive setting, a muddy farm entrance covered in mud and cow shit, but the compensation came from another generous helping of stone cold potatoes (although the salt was particularly good) and surprise, surprise, some mini Yorkshire puddings, somewhat mangled and chilled to match the potatoes. Impressive.
Anyway, enough of potatoes, easy riding after this indulgence, although riding into strong winds after Filey was a low point.
But Scarborough was quickly reached, with the final climb to Oliver's Mount particularly enjoyed by all.
The day finished with rehydration (for the seniors) in the newly refurbished Highwayman Inn in Sheriff Hutton, followed by further forced feeding back at Chateau Johntador. Roast lamb with all the trimmings rounded the weekend off splendidly.
Well done all!

Stats: according to one Strava recording: 119km and 1373m of ascent, average 20.4km/h. and another, including the return ride, uphill, to the rider's car park: 121.3km, 1878m of ascent, average speed 22.3km/h. Who knows, but a 500m climb back to the car park seems a little excessive?!

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